Reading is an act of Love

Reading does not just give one knowledge. A book does not just contain information. A book is another humans thoughts, therefore reading is a quiet act of love. For to read through a book is to give another human their full attention, for many minutes if not hours. And how sweet a gift to give one another than our undivided attention?

Those who read know the joy of it is not in the information gathered, but in the precious moments where your patience and attention created space to let another’s thoughts and views dance around with your own. A wise reader never walks away converted, but stretched.

Why say all this?

Because, when I was young, mother bought me GI Joes whenever I finished a book. She wanted me to learn and grow in knowledge, but I didn’t just get smart, I fell in love. In love with the characters, the worlds, the ideas, the stories, and really, the authors. Those special people who invested months and years into a book that would only take me a few hours to complete. Many of who’m wouldn’t make it big or get rich or even be remembered. People who had something to share, an internal reality to give voice to, something to process, something that would take time and energy, something they would need to sacrifice for. And who knows why exactly?

Some authors write for one person. Stephen King says every story he writes is for his wife. He says that he believes all great works were by done by someone with one person in mind.

John Steinbeck wrote East of Eden, in something like 6 months, for his two sons.

Maybe not for everyone, but much of the works created in this life were from one person to the next. Not for the masses, but for an individual.

So why do I write this?

I don’t know. I think to one person.

To say thank you.

Thank you for listening to music, reading my articles, and my recent book, and hopefully those to come. I tell everyone who’s read my book how grateful and loved I feel, for giving my thoughts, my words, my story your attention and time. Seriously. Wow. With everything in the world going on, and the myriad of things we can all do, to know that someone gave me the stage, the microphone in their mind for a few minutes, I can’t say it enough…thank you.

To the readers out there. Not just my stuff but all stuff. You are the greatest listeners, the patient and wise souls the world needs more of right now. If you can read a book, you have a head start at everything in life, for you’ve proven the ability to put another first, to walk a mile in another’s shoes, to see life through another’s eyes.

Most things I write have a significant point. This doesn’t. Just sitting on my couch next to a sleeping Anna : ) and reflecting on the book I just finished “the Structure of Magic,” feeling grateful for authors who’ve given me their time, and readers and friends who’ve given me theirs

Much love.