Hey Friends! Welcome to my work. I’ve never know quite how to define myself, as I’ve done many different things in my life. The word ‘Artist’ seems like the best word except I don’t paint, give that one time I was sick and decided to buy a canvass and paint along with Bob Ross and his pet squirrel for a day (His voice made me feel better).

So I’ll just quickly bullet point what I do, and then put my email at the bottom so you know how to get ahold of me.

I have a huge interest in communication, psychology and self help, and a passion to help people in their relationships, mindsets and spiritual lives. Coaching is not something I do, per se, but one of my favorite places to be is sitting across from someone, talking about their story, and the story of life we’re all apart of.

Several times a year I host small workshops/lectures on History, Religion, Science, the Future, and more. They’re thought provoking and eye opening events and I’d absolutely love you to join. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and join my Newsletter to be notified on upcoming dates.

Again, thanks so much for being here!

Feel free to connect with me anytime: ronnieherrema@gmail.com